About us

About PPMA

PPM Associates, Inc. (PPMA) is a veteran-owned company, founded in 1993 by Paul Mercandetti. PPMA was established to provide clients with the most comprehensive network and communications products available. We employed both standard and legacy protocols for interfacing radar systems to military and commercial computer networks. Our customers have included MITRE, Raytheon, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Data General Corporation.

Since our founding, PPMA has evolved into a security and network communication company which provides the best-of-breed products and services for our on-premise and cloud-based clients across all industries.

PPMA officers a complete line of products which provides the highest level of:

  • Comprehensive network and security assessments for small to medium size companies
  • Communications support services for SMB-level companies
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Cloud mitigation assistance
  • A complete line of products that ensure reliable and secure communications for premise, endpoint, mobile, and cloud-based clients.

At PPMA, we partner with your organization as a virtual CIO (vCIO) to understand your specific needs in order to provide the best possible solutions for your company’s security and compliance challenges, while at all times keeping your disaster recovery needs in mind.

PPMA is based out of corporate headquarters in North Reading, Massachusetts.

Leading Company in Data Security and Compliance Solutions

Management Team

Paul Mercandetti, President

Paul Mercandetti is the founder and President of PPM Associates, Inc.

Paul was educated at Northeastern University, where he specialized in electrical engineering. Prior to starting PPMA, he held a number of positions including: VP Sales and Marketing, VP Sales, Director of Global Accounts Worldwide, and Strategic Account Manager.  He has also served in various senior-level sales and marketing capacities with high-tech startups, with a focus on the commercial communications market.

Over 25 years in sales and marketing, Paul has held staff and board appointments with a number of startup communications companies in Silicon Valley and New England, where he guided the definition of sales and marketing goals, and distribution channels.

Email: paulm1@ppma.com

Joseph Scali, Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Scali is responsible for financial operations at PPM Associates, Inc.

Joseph was educated at Boston University, earning a Master of Business Administration. He has more than 15 years of experience in industry, finance, and technology. Joseph has managed personal investment portfolios and written investment research reports at a Boston-based investment bank, as well as working as a controller for a high-technology startup.

Joseph is currently a faculty member at the New England College of Finance and is a guest lecturer with Boston University’s Executive MBA program. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst, as well as an active member of the Association of Investment Management and Research, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, and the Financial Executives Institute.

Russ Cramer, Partner

Russ Cramer is involved in all sales programs at PPMA.

Russ received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering at Lehigh University, where he also participated in work co-op and Air Force ROTC programs. He graduated as a USAF Second Lieutenant and spent his first five years as an electronic design engineer in the Air Force at the National Security Agency (NSA). During his tenure at the NSA, he earned a Master of Engineering Administration degree from George Washington University. Later, he joined the space program at Eastman Kodak Company, serving as Senior Design Engineer.

His later business experiences include: five years as Sales Engineer and Marketing Manager for Digital Corporation (DEG), eight years as Senior Sales Representative for Greater New England and Branch Sales Manager for Digital General Corporation (DG), and Northeastern (including eastern Canada) Branch Sales Manager for NEC, where he sold newly-introduced micro and mini-computer systems to OEMs, and government, commercial, and educational end-users.

Later, Russ joined Avatar Technology, who manufactured protocol converters – devices which enabled desktop computers to emulate IBM 5250 and 3270 terminals. He went on to serve at Wall Data Corporation as their Northeast Regional Sales Manager, where he managed OEM and VAR accounts. He would also provide companies with Y2K solutions.

Marc Javel, Chief Technologist

Marc Javel is responsible for technology operations.

Leading technologies and their solutions into the future, Marc is a technology expert, especially as it relates to strategy (vCIO), planning, the roll-out of cybersecurity products, disaster recovery, virtualization, and cloud migrations enablement.

Marc is involved in maintenance and support of all products. He has 20 years of experience in IT, managing joint venture operations for Boston Central Artery projects, and is a multi-disciplined engineer skilled in computer-aided design (CAD), systems operations, LAN, WAN, routing and switching, cybersecurity via AV and firewalls, as well as virtualization and the cloud.

Innovative and multi-lingual (native French, English, and Spanish), he currently serves as the IT Director in a multi-discipline engineering industry, with a particular knack for implementing progressive and reliable technologies to improve a company’s bottom line.