PPM Associates
PPM Associates, Inc. (PPMA) is a leading distributor and system integrator of Data Security and Networking solutions.
Business Suite
Sophos Small Business Suite, provides total endpoint security and control protection for desktops, file servers and email servers. It has been ...

Message Server
The Mirapoint Message Server provides 99.999 % availability with exceptionally high performance. Users can access their email via WebMail from any desktop that has a browser, or via any standards based email client including Outlook. In addition to its email functionality, the Message Server also provides easy-to-use collaboration tools, including group calendaring, scheduling and address book.
Message Server – SMB Bundle
Mirapoint's Message Server M50 is the industry's first appliance to offer rich mail, calendaring, group scheduling and address book, coupled with integrated anti-virus and anti-spam functionality.
Mirapoint’s RazorGate® email security appliance delivers unparalleled multi-layered protection from spam, virus and hacker attacks. Using real-time updates and its appliance e form factor it reduces the window of vulnerability resulting in airtight security and makes it easy to deploy with minimal ongoing administration.
Messaging Reporter
The Mirapoint Messaging Reporter is a valuable reporting tool that delivers a holistic view of spam, virus, and email trends across the messaging network and simplifies the manual process of aggregating and analyzing security and traffic data contained in log files.
Directory Server
The Mirapoint Directory Server serves as the backbone to the messaging infrastructure providing a solid foundation for storing and managing message routing information, user profiles and access privileges.
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