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Sophos Small Business Suite, provides total endpoint security and control protection for desktops, file servers and email servers. It has been ...

SecurExchange™ takes the risk out of corporate email with the only solution to provide 100% email coverage
SecurExchange provides the most complete level of security, protection and compliance enforcement for users of Microsoft Exchange. It inspects absolutely every single email message.
SecurExchange inspects every message, including the 85% that are internally circulated. Only with 100% coverage can you deliver true Active Email Control and SecurExchange is the one product that does it.
SecurExchange Family of Products
Both modular and adaptable, SecurExchange is comprised of a family of products, to ensure that you can find precisely the solution that's right for you. To find out more, view our product comparison matrix, select the edition that best suits your needs and requirements:
Products For Compliance and Active Content Control
• SecurExchange™ Corporate Edition
• SecurExchange™ Perimeter Edition
• SecurExchange™ for Microsoft Small Business Server Edition
• SecurExchange™ AutoContent Edition
Products For Security & Threat Protection:
• SecurExchange™ AV Corporate Edition
• SecurExchange™ AV Perimeter Edition
• SecurExchange™ IMF Edition - Exchange Server 2003 Intelligent Message Filter (IMF)
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